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I’m Erin and my family needs at least $10 to eat this week. If you can or want to donate any money, even if it’s 5 cents or 1 cent it would be greatly appreciated. I will repay anyone who donates in any way I can. I appreciate and love all of y’all and we are going through terrible times, bills are constantly popping up and we are in heavy medical debt, which is where so much of our money goes to. Reblogs help as much a donations and nobody has to donate if they don’t want to or can’t, no worries, no stress, I understand! I know times are hard for everyone and no one should feel guilty for not donating. Please don’t send me hate, I will block you.

paypal or youcaring or cash.me

i go to my doctor this week, and one thing i always have to do is pay my bill beforehand or i can’t see her. the bill this month is higher due to tests i had to have done so i could go to the hospital. i hate to beg but this is the most important thing i have to pay or i won’t get my meds, see my doctor or get to see a psychiatrist who may be able to help my eating disorder. 5 cents or a dollar would be of a major help. reblogs help as well! if you can’t donate or don’t want to, it’s alright, just if you can, reblog, please.

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