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May 23 2018



one more thing, i can’t help but notice that a lot of tumblr’s popular ideas about what 30+-year-old women — and it’s almost always women — should be doing instead of having fun online seem to line up pretty closely with very conservative beliefs about what women’s options should be. especially that women should have children and that once they have children their lives should revolve around those children completely, with no time for breaks or hobbies or internet discussion or other selfish, frivolous, unmotherly activities. to be a mother or a woman old enough to be expected to be a mother is to be a specially regulated class of person, judged by her performance as a self-sacrificing caregiver and exemplar of chaste maturity.

it’s hard to escape the influence of these ideas. but if you don’t hold yourself to this standard at age 22 or whatever, if you want more than what patriarchy has planned for you, then it’s worth it to try to let go of this standard when it comes to older women too. and not only because you will one day be one of them. but also because it’s the right thing to do.



Listen but Rose Tyler’s style is so iconic like….the hoop earrings…the Union Jack shirt you know the one….every single way she did her hair….that one time she wore overalls and fucking rocked it….her rlly big smile…anytime she just fucking ripped a new one in someone who totally deserved it….what I’m saying is I love Rose Tyler v much






i don’t care about fictional character drama. if you like a steven’s universe character who did something wrong once, fine. if u like any of the asshole double-crossing nintendo jesters, cool. i don’t even care if u like that smiley lady from the emoji movie. but know this: if u stan buck cluck from chicken little, i hate you with every once of every fiber of my very bring and my living force will carry on in spite of you.





I’m Erin and my family needs at least $10 to eat this week. If you can or want to donate any money, even if it’s 5 cents or 1 cent it would be greatly appreciated. I will repay anyone who donates in any way I can. I appreciate and love all of y’all and we are going through terrible times, bills are constantly popping up and we are in heavy medical debt, which is where so much of our money goes to. Reblogs help as much a donations and nobody has to donate if they don’t want to or can’t, no worries, no stress, I understand! I know times are hard for everyone and no one should feel guilty for not donating. Please don’t send me hate, I will block you.

paypal or youcaring or cash.me

i go to my doctor this week, and one thing i always have to do is pay my bill beforehand or i can’t see her. the bill this month is higher due to tests i had to have done so i could go to the hospital. i hate to beg but this is the most important thing i have to pay or i won’t get my meds, see my doctor or get to see a psychiatrist who may be able to help my eating disorder. 5 cents or a dollar would be of a major help. reblogs help as well! if you can’t donate or don’t want to, it’s alright, just if you can, reblog, please.

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A church in Norway built in 1181 without any nails.

of all the things to highlight about this building the lack of nails is not the thing I would have expected 

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life is so exhausting. all i can i hope now is to find out i was part of a conservation reintroduction program and in a few more years some alien wildlife biologists will come pick me up and release me into some field on another planet where humans used to live like that’s ultimately ideal at this point

“where do you see yourself in ten years?”

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“When your school leaves a huge monitor unwatched”

May 22 2018

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Another spring steel and bone beastie from the forge. Also soon to be found at https://www.etsy.com/shop/routarauta . Lets crack some pith helmets!

Looks like this thingie is still circulating around the strange realm of internet so I thought to add that this blade unfortunately has been SOLD (for those who were interested) some time ago and I just forgot to inform it here…Alas worry not as I’m sure to forge more brutal steel beasts in the near future. Grand thanks for the support and interest!



No beauty shines brighter than a good heart.

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How I want my bank account to look like by 25.

Claiming it.

Waaaaay up 🙏🏾

11:11am on the receipt.

Reblog for prosperity, and success. May you always have what you need.

That’s what I’m saying

In other words, this is the ATM receipt, reblog and money will come your way.

Doesn’t hurt to try.

Goals by 60 😂😂😂



tumblr post: reblog if you’re not homophobic!!!!1!

me, a gay who is tired of seeing this shit on my dash:

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Soap of truth.

hey, there are worse solutions than a bath



Can’t believe Steve Rogers literally had to pause mid-death-battle in order to let Thor know how fuckable he looked w/ his new hair

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I don’t have scale for just how much fucking manure that is

The look of pure, utter bliss on this dude’s face is a blessed image.

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Non-binary people survery


hey, im working on a really important college research paper and i need to conduct a survey

if you’re non-binary, gender non-conforming, genderqueer, or something similiar - please help me out and fill out this really short form! it’ll take less than three minutes

please reblog so my sample size can be as big and accurate as possible!





I agree john mulaney is probably an immortal akin to beings such as keanu reeves and jeff goldblum but he’s like a new born baby immortal who is looking at the long long expanse of a lifetime he has in front of him and is already tired

jeff golblum is thousands of years old and loving it. john mulaney was born in 1901 and ever since 1924 it’s gone downhill for him

So to be clear, the immortal timeline seems to be:

John Mulaney - early 20th century

Eric Andre - Probably 17th century or so.

Taika Waititi - Elizabethan age, probably hung out with Shakespeare

Keanu Reeves - We think sometime around Alexander the Great, but he seems to have just sprung up fully formed.

Jeff Goldblum - 100% Biblical times, may or may not be King Solomon.

Tommy Wiseau - Indeterminate, may be the first Homo Sapiens.



If your progressive politics do not flow from a genuine kindness and compassion and sense of decency and love towards other people, then they are devoid of any true meaning or use. You’re just going through the motions of what you think you’re expected to do, rather than acting on genuine principle




i can guarantee yall that if any predator came after my chickens i would not hesitate to fist fight it. ive chased bobcats through the woods just because they dared to look at my chickens. i have a Big Stick and i am NOT afraid to use it

chickenkeeping i want you to know if i could give you a sword to protect your chickens with, I Would


The Onion wishes to speak to Michael Cohen about the angry email he sent them in 2013


In January 2013, The Onion ran a satire piece “written” by “Donald Trump,” titled, “When You’re Feeling Low, Just Remember I’ll Be Dead In About 15 Or 20 Years.” (Excerpt: “In the not-very-distant future I will die and then be gone from the world for all eternity. You may even get to watch me in a casket on national television being lowered into the ground, never to be seen again. I bet you’re smiling just thinking about that… Indeed, you can always take solace in the fact that the monstrous, unimaginable piece of shit that is me will stop existing fairly soon, and that I will continue to not exist for the remainder of your lifetime.”)

A couple of weeks later, Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, sent The Onion an unintentionally funny email, asking The Onion to contact him “immediately to discuss,” saying “the article is an absolutely disgusting piece that lacks any place in journalism; even in your Onion.” He adds, “This commentary goes way beyond defamation and, if not immediately removed, I will take all actions necessary to ensure your actions do not go without consequence. Guide yourself accordingly.”

The editors of The Onion say they would love to speak with Cohen now.


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