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February 05 2018



please respect people who are mentally ill and disabled who cannot work. please respect people who look like they’re just relaxing all day when really they’re waging an internal war just to stay alive or fight their pain. please respect people who could not finish school, people who had big plans and could not see them through because of disability. people who look from the outside like they’ve “given up” or “aren’t doing anything.” people who are hospitalized repeatedly or permanently, and people who are grown adults who are still dependent on others. please respect disabled and mentally ill people. 

this is not a polite suggestion, by the way. it’s an angry demand. we are people, and we deserve the same respect as anyone else.



what do u mean “what have i been up to” … i’m out here ruining my own life as always bitch



I hate that bugs don’t take fall damage

How I knock a spider off the ceiling and that shit hit the ground and start running

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A student created Hylux, the taste and benefits of a sport drink without the sugar and calories. Get more information here

Black Excellence

what that headline failed to mention is that it links to a kickstarter! it ends on may 13th, and it’s not yet halfway to the goal of $10,000. so more people need to be seeing this.

over $9,000 now! it’s so close and such a great idea!

Now fully funded and available online https://drinkhylux.com/collections/all or on Amazon!

5507 2759




Black people are likely serving life sentences for that same crime IN PORTLAND.

A system built to destroy black lives continues to flourish.

If your legalization activism ignores this reality, your legalization activism is self-serving bullshit.

Today, San Francisco took the burden off of people convicted of marijuana crimes to ask to have their records expunged, and put it onto the courts to actively go through expunging those records. In the statement, they cited the research that showed while all groups of people used and committed marijuana “crimes” equally, Black and Hispanic people were overwhelmingly targeted and sentenced much harsher than white people. San Francisco also has not a single active marijuana case in the system right now.

Other cities in California are moving to perform the same action. Let’s hope and pressure every other part of the country that’s already legalized to do the same, and work towards getting the nation on the same page.


Actual anime Dracula’s aka...






Number one: nice

Number two: nice

Number three: dear sir whom the fuck do you expect to be with that hair

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laser-free diet.

y'all need to hear about gerb.

gerb was my high school physics teacher. (gerb is short for mr. gerber.) when we were learning about radiation and whatnot, and we touched on radiation poisoning, gerb decided to tell us a story.

when gerb was in high school, he worked in a supermarket. a cashier. there was this one little old lady, mrs. cassopolis, who was a regular. mrs. cassopolis firmly believed that the lasers used to scan her food items would give her radiation poisoning. they tried to explain that’s not a thing. but old cass wouldn’t hear a word of it.

the employees had to punch in every. last. grocery. item. MANUALLY.

and this woman would buy cartfulls of food every week, like any good grandma trying to feed her five children and eighteen grandchildren every time they come for a Sunday visit. so pretty soon, the employees figured out a strategy to get her on her way and get on with their lives.

one or more employees would distract old cass while the cashier would scan all the items he could as fast as humanly possible while she wasn’t paying attention.

now this supermarket had a rewards program for its most efficient workers. the computer would track how quickly the cashiers scanned items, and how many total they scanned in one day, that kind of thing. so one day, gerb’s boss came to him and said “uh,”

“you scanned three hundred items in six minutes last Tuesday during your shift”
and gerb says “i recall”
“that’s about four times faster than anything i’ve ever seen”
and gerb says “yea ok”
“jeremy what happened?”

and gerb says

“i had to save a little old woman from placebo radiation”





“how about: I’m a little boy who knows that you’re lying, and I can yell and yell and yell, and get you in lots of trouble.”

literally the best line in the whole show angus is 2 powerful 

This is blatant “well I did detecting good enough to see through your horseshit” erasure

yeah yeah I guess
but “I’m a flesh boy” will always have a special place in my heart






The royal family employs no bodyguards. A would-be assassin discovers why.

“Please?” the crown prince said hopefully.

The assassin hesitated. “I’m not sure I’m comfortable with this.”

“Come on, you’re doing great. Just one stab, it’ll be easy-peasy.” The prince  spread his arms wide, leaving his throat and chest vulnerable.

“Look, I’m going to level with you,” the assassin said. “I took this contract on the assumption that you were a bad dude. Usually when a country goes bankrupt this fast, it’s because whoever’s in charge is raiding the treasury. But once I infiltrated the guard, I actually had to spend time around you, and you’re just.” The assassin threw her hands up in disgust. “You’re a really nice person! There’s no getting around it! So I’m not super on board with murdering you now. Nothing personal.”

“But if you don’t, my sisters won’t get the life insurance payout, and the country will be in debt for the next century!”

“I’m pretty sure arranging for your own assassination is insurance fraud.”

“Your whole job is to commit murder,” the prince said, “and now you’re worried about a little insurance fraud?”

The assassin pinched the bridge of her nose. “Okay, let’s back up and think about this rationally. Have you considered faking your own death?”

This was not what I was expecting, and it is glorious.

“I’m pretty sure arranging for your own assassination is insurance fraud” is the best sentence I have ever read in my life



ace and aro people exist!!! and we’re allowed to think other people are ace and aro as well!!! thinking people are aspec when others think they’re either straight or gay is not and never will be a bad thing!!! let us seek representation and see ourselves in others because we are real people and we exist

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dress for the job u want

is this lup



no offense but male protagonists whose strength comes from empathy, compassion and humanity will always be more interesting than snarky assholes who punch everything and treat everyone around them like shit

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Baywatch (2017)
           dir. Seth Gordon

Ok Baywatch you get points for that.



Half of the people on tumblr:  “I talk pretty tough for someone with a soft, fluffy bunny heart full of feelings.”

Me, unable to relate:  “I talk a lot about tolerance and understanding for someone who is always 2 seconds away from serious violence.”




Sometimes I get upset that Roy didn’t lose his actual eyes when he was forced through the gate but then I remember that if Truth took his eyes then Truth would be sitting outside of Roy’s gate with his normal lack of detail except for very detailed human eyeballs and I stop feeling upset

You mean like this?







there’s an old man on my bus wearing a sparkly devil horn headband i don’t understand



now he’s wearing a hot dog hat this is not a drill

i’m putting on my dinosaur hat we can be hat friends


he got off at the same stop as me and waited for me to get off the bus so he could laugh and shake my hand and then he just walked away without a word this is the weirdest day of my life



not to harp on this point but the care with which a girl you’ve known for maybe three weeks will ask you “what’s wrong?” if you look even mildly distressed is more emotional labor than you’d receive from any man over the course of six lunar cycles

if my dad sees me crying, he pretends he’s getting a call so that we don’t have to have an awkward conversation, but a drunk girl who stumbled across me in a public bathroom would literally become my emotional triage nurse

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