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July 17 2017




anyone else paranoid about looking out windows once it gets dark outside? like i literally cant open my curtain bc im afraid theres gonna be a sniper outside waiting for me to do that so they can kill me??? lol?????

I’m southern and we don’t look outside after dark because it’s an invitation for demons to come inside (many dismiss it as superstition but still don’t do it anyway, especially in the country)




A little girl and her mom were looking at me at the coffee shop this morning and I heard her mom say “go on, it’s ok!” and the little girl shuffled up to me and said “ex-cuse me please, do you have to put on your tattoos by yourself every DAY or does your mom help you?” I am d y i n g

My niece was in the bathroom when I was in the tub and she asked if my tattoos would wash off. I told her they won’t, I’ll have them my whole life.

She asked, “Even when you die?”

I said, “Yes”

She looked me dead in the eye and said, “When you’re space dust your tattoos will be stars”














“writers always know exactly where they are going with their work!”

r u sure

“no writer does anything by mistake, it’s all very strategic”

r u sure

“they use symbolism in everything. for example, a simple sentence symbolises directness and-”


The best moments in writing is when you discover you did something absolutely genius by complete accident.

A miscellaneous world-building detail from ten chapters earlier accidentally saved a character’s life once

“Omg this line is genius and the best reference!”
“Thank you I did that entirely on purpose!!” *sweats*

READER: “(points out symbolism and foreshadowing and depth)”


I once literally flipped a coin to decide which character was going to die in a multi-award-nominated novel.

I was once rereading a manuscript before editing it and discovered that in an early chapter I’d put in a line without any forethought that ended up aligning perfectly the plot and is now my favorite line in the entire book even though when I wrote that sentence I hadn’t even come up with that plot point yet.

In my book series, I have done various things on accident and then, looking back, yelled BRILLIANT and went with it. And, often times, my characters just DECIDE things, like one character was in love with another and I was “WHAT?” but went with it because it was actually a VERY good story and made some of the plot stuff that much more interesting. 

If you ever wanted to know my creative process for writing, congratulations, this is it. 

Writing a story like

There’s an author’s note in an Isaac Asimov short story collection - Isaac Asimov, mind you - and I can’t for the life of me remember which it was because my mom has a billion of them, but basically he went to a lecture on his books where the teaccher was lecturing on all the symbolism and themes and such and Asimovewent up to him and was just like “Uhhhh…. I didn’t put any of that in? It just…. no? Not really?”

And the lecturer legit looked ISAAC FUCKING ASIMOV straight in the eye and said, “What do you know, sir? You’re just the author.”

And Asimov described it as being a fairly profound moment in his career.

In a creative writing class I took in college, I shared a fantasy-based story of a newbie soldier striving to be on the front lines to search for his little sister, who had been kidnapped and experimented on. In the story, I always mentioned how dark the sky was, ‘cause it was rainy and sad and shit. :[ Sometimes, the sky was all red, too, especially after a battle. It was like a mood ring for the main character’s emotions, basically. This prompted one of the other students to ask: “In this universe, is the sun gone?”

I replied, shocked. “No, it’s just rainy.”

She continued, saying she thought the story was set in a world where the sun had exploded, and since the effects of that could last for a short time, this is why the sky was red, and there was nothing but rain. She was really detailed about the whole thing, even saying she thought I was setting up the reasons for the war to be about the coming eternal winter and, you know, death, without the sun’s aid.

And the professor said, with quite the grin: “Well, that’s the trouble with writing, isn’t it? If you leave anything out, your readers will assume what they want.”

That always stuck with me.



The fact that Daenerys walked right past the throne, headed straight for the Chamber of the Painted Table, then asked “Shall we begin?” just signifies that her primary goal isn’t simply to sit on any throne. Her foremost goal is to win, and then she will rule. She has her eye on that fucking prize, and there is no way she’s going to let anyone get in her way.

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lawful evil


'Gaza will be unlivable next year, not 2020 as the UN says'


“I can’t even describe Gaza as a prison, because even prisoners have fundamental rights. Gaza is an isolated area under occupation, where people aren’t allowed in and out. There is an electricity crisis that leaves millions without power for hours every day, 97 percent of Gaza’s water is undrinkable, there is not enough electricity to provide basic sanitation needs. Israel and the Palestinian Authority are trying to prevent patients in need of emergency treatment from entering the West Bank or Israel. There are shortages of medication and treatment. It’s a catastrophic situation. The Israeli occupation’s policies manifest in our daily life.”

“The poorest and most marginalized are resorting to living off bread and tea only. I’m afraid that with the ongoing situation, Gaza will be unlivable by the end of 2018, not 2020 as the United Nations previously predicted. Gazans cannot enjoy culture, they cannot go to the theater or to the movies. This makes life impossible.”

July 16 2017

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“I’m afraid we can’t be together anymore, Shaggy-kun~”

“Like, why, man?”

“You never… You just never swooce right in when I need you… I just feel like you’re frozen in there… And I’m out here…”

I lived bitch

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why is this a screenshot

The original post will kill if you look at it directly

If i have to die to find out why they can’t be together than so be it

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someone: why do you read so much soulmate shit it’s cheesy 

me internally: uhh probably because i’m obsessed with the idea of unconditional love and someone who won’t abandon me. the idea that i am destined for love and therefore inherently lovable means more to me than i can express with words, and compounded with the idea of someone who will love me forever, the concept of soulmates truly appeal to the (large) part of me that makes me feel that i’m going to die alone

me aloud: i just think it’s neat

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Roles I wanna see fat girls in:

Love interests
Action stars
Sci- Fi
Badass Villains
Any lead role

Roles I’m tired of seeing fat girls in:

The comic relief
The charity case








Names I hate because I never know how the specific person spells it:

Matthew or Mathew
Sarah or Sara
Ashley or Ashlee or Ashlie
Johnathan or Johnathon

Steven Stephen
Hayley Haley Hailey
Zac Zach Zack
Garrett Garett Garret

I can’t believe they are so many people who hate this too.

you think thats bad

Here are 135 different ways to spell Katelyn

Um excuse you, 136.

That is literally child abuse









every time I see more of the ‘ao3 is evil’ crap circulating I think, ‘well, tumblr is evil too and I don’t see you stop using it’

You know, the more I think about this, the more I think the real complaint isn’t that AO3 hosts “evil” content, it’s that it doesn’t allow harassment/dogpiling of “evil” creators as easily as Tumblr. Abuse won’t remove or even re-tag a work except in a handful of very specific cases, but they will suspend or ban users for harassment, including filing repeated unfounded Abuse reports. Authors also have at least some ability to screen/block comments on works, and there’s no direct messaging system outside of commenting on works through which to pursue harassment. You can follow a creator but you can’t block them (much less encourage others to do the same).

Tumblr, by contrast, generally ignores any abuse report that doesn’t involve the DMCA, and aggressive anons can and have driven bloggers off the site entirely. The fact that the same tactics are used by social justice bloggers and neo-Nazis (for instance) doesn’t matter – they’re the affordances of the site, by accident or design, and an entire fannish generation have gotten very used to performing their fannish (and moral) identity in this fashion.

(I thinks it’s relevant that AO3 was designed by fandom’s LJ generation and in some respect mirrors the affordances of LJ circa 2010. Tumblr is a very different site and that, moreso than age differences, seems to be at the root of this – though of course age intersect with site experience in a non-trivial way.)

ding ding ding ding.

Ao3 requires you to police your own consumption of content.  Ao3 won’t let you destroy someone’s online presence simply because you don’t like it.   Ao3 won’t let you impose your own morality on other without cause.

If you have issues with this, and the fact that Ao3 requires you to have responsibility and agency,  then you seriously need to sit down and have a damned good long hard look at yourself.

The question I usually fail to see being answered when people bitch about the content on AO3 is - so who gets to decide?

You? Me? A committee of my friends? Of yours? Of those who have the most kudos? Of those who have no interest in fandom, but want to protect other people from dangerous content, whatever it may be? Who gets that power, and how long will they have it?

Who are you comfortable with giving the power of regulating all the content? What happens in grey areas? What happens when something you like isn’t liked by the Decider? Is there an appeal? Who gets to make the arguments for and against something?

The world is complex and there are no easy answers.

The impossibility of creating a censorship board that curates based on content is a great reason why those things don’t exist, and shouldn’t.

Certain people are screaming that AO3 is bad because it’s not a “safe space.” The real problem they have, though, is that AO3 was created to be a safe space - for writers. And it does a pretty good job of that. It was designed to be a place where writers are safe from arbitrary content rule changes, random and unwarned deletions, and abuse-report abuse (which is common on ff.net). The Four Big Warnings + CNTW system is beautiful in its fairness and simplicity.

Antis can’t take control of it. And because control-freakdom is at the heart of their “movement,” this drives them into frenzies. Good. It motivated me to dig a little deeper into my pocket to donate on the last drive. For all the pleasure AO3 has given me over the years, that’s money well spent.

The real problem they have, though, is that AO3 was created to be a safe space - for writers. 

Preach it loud and hard!

I’m a member of the LJ generation, and when I first came to Tumblr (grudgingly and out of desperation, I might add, since it tragically seems to be the only place to really connect with other fandom peeps) I was horrified at how people here had established this sort of fucked up bully culture, where nobody is responsible for monitoring their own consumption, and rather they expect everyone else to custom tailor content to the whims and desires of the Shrieking Banshee Masses. And woe be to the person who doesn’t bend and break! “I’m going to bully you while accusing you and your Big Mean Poopie Content of being the actual bully, so I can hopefully distract you and others from realizing I’m being a royal intrusive asshat who failed Astronomy 101 b/c I clearly believe the world revolves around me.”

The irony here is that this in itself is an abuse tactic - victim blaming with a side of gaslighting. Pot, meet kettle.

And it’s the exact same mentality that drives right-wing lunatics to kick up a fuss about the existence of icky cootie gay people in media because we need to “protect family values”, or who take to screeching at Starbucks because their particular religious symbolism isn’t portrayed on the winter holiday cups and OMG WAR ON CHRISTMAS, STARBUCKS STOP OPPRESSING ME BY NOT CATERING TO MY PERSONAL TASTE.

The mentality is one and the same - “Cater to ME ME ME or FACE MY DIVINE WRATH even if it means taking away other people’s freedom!” while hiding behind a flimsy-ass shield of faux righteous anger.  

And when these bozos find an environment or situation where they’re unable or not allowed to bully people into silence and submission, they stomp their feet and pitch a tantrum and claim that they’re the ones being oppressed. Identical shit, different pile, and it’s the exact same infantile, schoolyard rubbish no matter which side it’s coming from.

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This isn’t even subtext. This is just text.

Me @ every single woman on tumblr

Me @ every single woman


Click here to support Help Alimah Get Back to College organized by Alimah Dawkins


Please give this a reblog and donate if you can. Alimah is an incredible person who belongs at SLC

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60 year old historian Martin Bühler (who identified himself to the press, I do not identify activists without consent) appears to ‘photobomb’ a lot of media images of the G20 in Hamburg. In reality he is a long time observer documenting police brutality. In Hamburg he chose to cultivate the most non-activist ‘white bystander in a suit with a bike’ look he could manage and casually walked in front of police. As police slowed down or interrupted attacks and waited for the ‘bystander’ to get out of the way (being caught on camera trashing what look like bystanders is bad press after all), activists had time to regroup or retreat.

Reposted byztar ztar

Mozambique decriminalises homosexuality


“The decriminalisation, seen as a major victory for gay rights groups in Africa, now places Mozambique within a minority of African countries where homosexuality is not punishable by law.

Even though homosexuality-related acts were punishable by up to three years of hard labour, no known prosecutions took place in the country after independence in 1975.  According to EWN, the penal code dates back to 1886.

This event almost coincides with the nationwide legalisation of same sex marriage in the US, as ordered by the country’s Supreme Court last week.


More Info: LGBT Rights in Mozambique

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